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Coming Together!!!! YAH!!!!

Things are finally all coming together!
Today the plumbers are here installing 2 cute (yes that's right, cute!) little toilets, a three sink hand basin, laundry tub, adult hand basin and adult toilet - sad what gets me excited these days!
Over the weekend Hubby will be madly finishing off things for our Final Inspection with Rotorua District Council on Monday and then on Thursday the Ministry of Education come to do the Licensing Visit - not much sleep for me over the next week - but so exciting to see things are almost all done so we can welcome lots of little people.

We are overwhelmed and thrilled by the number of enrolments we have already - most days are around 75% full with some days at around 60% - can't wait to open the doors!

If you're considering enrolling children or know of someone who is - you/they can download an enrolment form off this website! First in, First served :)
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