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Our fees

We welcome children from 1 year of age to 6 years.

In order for us to develop relationships with your child and to allow them time to familiarise with their environment, peers and teachers, we have a two day minimum enrolment with a minimum of 6 hours per day.

Fees as of 1-11-23 - please note we review our fees and make any increases in November each year

Our optional charge is $10/day for children 3yrs + who attend 6 hours per day with no other fees for those days. e.g. if your child attends 3 six hour days per week, we ask for $30 donation. If your child attends 4 six hour days we ask for $30  donation for the first 3 days, then the fourth day is $56 (as it's $14/ hour once subsidy has reached 20 hours), so for four days we ask for $86 ($30 donations, $56 fees).

For more information about what our optional charges cover, please click on PDFicon below.

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